Chesapeake Bay Seafood Industries Association (CBSIA)

311-A Third Street, Annapolis, Maryland 21403

The Chesapeake Bay Seafood Industries Association (CBSIA) is a non-profit association formed 50 years ago to represent the seafood processing industry in Maryland. Since then it has grown to encompass businesses all along the East Coast and Gulf Coast States. We support all efforts to preserve the resource and employment of those who depend upon seafood for their livelihood. Small businessmen, seafood processors, retailers, wholesalers, restaurants and watermen all depend on a healthy resource to earn a living. CBSIA actively promotes and participates in ensuring that the resource and its dependent resources are protected.

Currently, CBSIA has more than 80 active members engaged in businesses ranging from crab meat processing to providers of shipping materials and restaurants. We provide each of these vital links in the seafood industry an information network including local and federal legislators whose decisions affect the life or death of the seafood industry in Maryland as well as in other seafood industry states.

We encourage those with an interest in the success of the seafood industry everywhere in this country to join CBSIA! You can obtain an application by clicking on the following link: CBSIA Application 2016.pdf


to the Chesapeake Seafood Industries Association site.

We hope we can provide you with needed information. For further help,  contact Bill Sieling at 410-507-3249.

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