The Chesapeake Bay Seafood Industries Association (CBSIA) is a non-profit association formed 50 years ago to represent the seafood processing industry in Maryland.  We work to further the best interests of the Maryland seafood industry and support all efforts to preserve the resource and livelihood of those who depend upon it. Small businessmen, seafood processors, retailers, wholesalers, restaurants and watermen all depend on a healthy resource to earn a living. CBSIA actively participates in protection and preservation of the resource and its dependent businesses.

Currently, CBSIA has more than 70 active members engaged in businesses ranging from crab meat processing to providers of shipping materials and restaurants. We provide each of these vital links in the seafood industry network with information, as well as the local and federal legislators whose decisions affect the life or death of Maryland’s seafood industry. We offer membership types to cover all those interested in belonging to CBSIA.

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Executive Director

Bill Sieling

Board of Directors

Jack Brooks, President

J . C. Tolley, Vice President

Bill Brooks, Secretary-Treasurer

Board Members

Casey Todd

Jerry Harris

Dan Lyons

Robin Hall

Jay Newcomb

Roger Van Dyke

Roy Todd


110 Severn Avenue

Annapolis, MD 21403

Telephone: 410-507-3249

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News Releases

Maryland Crab Pickers Not Abused!.pdf

Response to a recently published report by the American University’s Washington College of Law entitle: “Picked Apart: The Hidden Struggles of Migrant Worker Women in the Maryland Crab Industry.”